How can I add a solar cover to a crazy shape pool?


CRN Design Drawing of Swimming PoolWant to see if we can get some advice on getting a roller for the solar blanket.

WAYYYYYY too much work trying to manhandle that thing around each time we want to use the pool.

But it does seem to help a lot with the temp – at least I think so until I see this month’s gas bill..


What brand do you recommend?

Any tips on how to cut the shape for the blanket and not screw it up?

Any ideas where we would put the roller?

I was thinking it needed to be on wheels so we can push it to the side, but not sure how we would do that with the diving board.

So confused…


Welcome to the wonderful world of solar covers. The issues you have with location of a reel and an interesting shaped pool are very common. You could cut your existing blanket in half to make it a little easier to move around. You could get a reel, a rocky roller is the only one we’d suggest but yes, with the diving board placement becomes a challenge. That is why we mostly suggest using the cover free, liquid solar blanket in your case, or have a team of people move the cover on and off. Really awkward for one person, easier for two or more ;o)

I know this response is super helpful and just what you are looking for…