My Polaris Has A Broken Part

I have a Polaris 380 cleaner and the part that connects to the tail on inside has broken off from the plastic connection.. Can it be fixed?
If not…what cleaner is best for free form gunite pool? Approx 20×40. I was wondering if the ones that don’t go through filter were better?
How long do cleaners usually last?
PS love your site and the great work you do…
Polaris Cleaner

It is usually a couple of screws to take the body apart. Here is a part list that you could identify what is broken:

I’m not sure which part broke – if it can be screwed in, you can replace. If it seemed like it was molded to the body, best to replace.

We only recommend the Dolphin pool cleaners – self contained units that do not go through the filter system and we find are very good at cleaning the pool (and pool walls).

SUPREME M5 Dolphin

On average we’ve seen cleaners last 5-7 years, sometimes longer.

Good luck!