4 Simple Steps to Connecting with your Audience When Marketing


ac2Step 1: Making Personal Connections with Photo and Video

Making personal connections when marketing to potential clients is key in any business sale. One way when using today’s biggest marketing strategies – social media- it is a good idea to add a photo to your profile this will help potential customers make better connections to you and your company if they can see who their going to be dealing with. We also find that video accomplished this well.

We know that our philosophy with photos may be an uncomfortable idea for some other pool companies to embrace. We have found that our customers love seeing the photos and then having us actually walk into their homes. They feel comfortable with us, and feel like they already know us through our photo and video efforts.

Our visibility in photos and video are also another way that customers, and even media agents have found us. One media agent that we spoke with regarding the possibility of a tv show loved the use of photos on our site. He mentioned that of the dozen sites he had recently been on, we were the only one to feature photos of the owner, and the team members in such a prominent way and he really appreciated that!

We can say without hesitation, photos work!

Step 2: Understanding Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing is when a company or a person understands who they are and can successfully relay that in a productive manner to the public world. It however, is not just about that it is finding out who your target audience is and understanding them and understanding how to market to them in the best possibly way. Understanding this will help you in the long run.

Step 3: Understand your business at it’s core as a work of art

Another thing that will help when trying to market to a specific audience is fully understanding the core of your business. Most CEO’s think they understand how their company works and who they are trying to market to but most could use a better technique. One thing we recommend is trying to see your company as a work of art.

Marketing this way will allow you to ask the questions What do you see? How does it feel? What is the background, the foreground, and the essence of the art piece aka the company? Also think about how do people see your company and how do they feel when they are looking at it? Not only is this about others perspectives on your company it is also about your perspectives on your company. One thing that can effect perspectives is the maturation of your company. Is it staying they same through out the coarse of the canvas or are there swirls of improvement, splashes of success and errors, if not then it leads you to believe that you need to make changes; In the market today we are looking for colorful pieces to boast about when we have parties, or to plaster all over the internet. We as humans can not do that with a mono-toned blue, we go for the whimsical sunsets, great mountains and the roaring rivers. Don’t be the blue be the river.

Step 4: Know your Why!

Knowing why you do what you do can also help out your marketing plan. Knowing this gives off the sense of security in a company. Customers look for security in company because they want reassurance in knowing there product or service will be withheld or completed in a timely manner. Establishing a company culture can help you accomplish this task in many different ways.