A Swimming Pool is an investment in memories


I have spent 24 years in the swimming pool industry and have been through it all. The ups and downs, the good and bad economies, the hot summers and the cold summers and yet I still love the business. My belief is that a swimming pool is a wonderful investment in memories. When it is all said and done in life, all we really have are memories. A swimming pool for a child usually brings the great memories data bank account way way up. What better investment could be made than in your child.
I can tell you from my personal experience that the childhood pool that I swam in is still with me. I remember it like it was yesterday. I can go there in my mind at a moments notice. I regret to inform you that it was at a neighbors house and not mine though. My dad talked about putting in an inground swimming pool for years and never did. What a mistake that was! Those memories could have been his creation but are not. What is your favorite swimming pool memory?