All About Robotic Pool Cleaners


Robotic pool cleaners work with all pool types. They are self-contained and are only inserted into the pool when there is a need for cleaning. Our favorite brand of robotic cleaners is the Dolphin by Maytronics. DolphinMaytronics-logo SUPREME M5 DolphinTo use these, a transformer is plugged into a wall outlet with a 50 ft cord from the unit plugs directly into the transformer. What the transformer does is reduce the voltage from the outlet to a much safer amount to be in water. The low voltage is enough power to operate the cleaner. the robotic cleaner operates with two motors; one is a pump motor that draws debris into the filter, and the other is a drive motor which makes it move around the pool.

There are many advantages to owning a robotic pool cleaner. One main advantage is they include a self contained filter. It is easy to maintain and easy to clean. They are quick and can clean a large surface in a short amount of time. Some units automatically move around your pool and some even come with a remote control so you can manually move the cleaner. Robot cleaners even work as mini pool filters, this will lessen the load on your actual filter.


My robotic pool cleaner will not move-

Is the indicator light glowing on the transformer? If you notice it is not, make sure the transformer is turned on. The fuse could be blown. Also, check your electrical outlet with another appliance and make sure there is still power coming from that outlet. If you find that power is available, wiggle the cord plug from the unit. Older units may begin to short out at the plug.

Next, inspect the unit itself while partially under water. Is the pump motor receiving any power? Do you see water gushing out the top of the unit? These things would indicate that yes, power is reaching the unit. Next, check to see if the pulley on the side is turning. If the unit is receiving power but the pulley on the side is not turning… this could be an indicator of a shorted drive motor.

My robotic cleaner does not pump-

If you notice your cleaner moving but not picking up any debris, lift the unit towards the surface of the water. Do you see water gushing out near the top of the cleaner? If you do not see this, most likely the pump motor is shorted. Simply unplug the unit and remove it from the water. Then, remove the vent cap and check the impeller to see if it has string wound around the base. After you’ve done this, plug the unit back in and check for spin. If there is still no spin, the pump is probably shorted.

My robotic cleaner does not vacuum well-

Often debris is too large for robotic cleaners. They tend to work better tackling smaller sized debris. If you live in a wooded area or have leafed trees near by, you may have to use a leaf rake after storms to help clear up your pool. Leave the robotic pool cleaner to do the fine clean-up of the pool- that’s the tricky part right?

When a robotic cleaner fills with dirt, the vacuum power and suction will decrease. This usually means you need to clean out the internal filter bag. This means a quick rinse or a hose down for a more thorough cleaning.

If you think your filter is clean and your robotic pool cleaner is still passing over dirt, check the bottom of the cleaner. Is the assembly tight? are you missing any valve flaps? The valve flaps are important to prevent debris from falling out when the unit shuts off.

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