Ask the Pool Guy Takes Las Vegas!

Ask the Pool Guy Vegas Pool Show (56)This month, the Pool Guy enjoyed seeing his name in lights in Vegas at the 2013 International Pool and Spa Show. Named among Pool and Spa News’ Masters of Design earlier this year, Al Curtis and his partners, Sandi Maki and Karen Olson, along with the rest of the show’s attendees, enjoyed seeing the award-winning Brighton, MI swimming pool featured on the scrolling screens at the Pool and Spa News booth. Many also noticed the pool featured at the welcome party, and were sure to offer congratulations. Ask the Pool Guy and his team had fun talking with the vendors they knew, as well as meeting many new friends.
The team also enjoyed VIP access to the Minus5 Ice Bar with the Aloha Fiberglass Pools Group. Aloha sought out the Pool Guy before the show and invited his team to find out more about their programs. Aloha is actively marketing in new ways in the pool industry, and their programs have the Pool Guy and his team very excited. We’ll be releasing the highlights of the video footage we shot with the Aloha team soon!
BlueSquare, who makes the in-floor heating and efficiency systems Ask the Pool Guy uses in his hybrid swimming pools, hosted the Blue Light Party in the hospitality suites on the top floors at Mandalay Bay. Curtis, Maki, and Olson met up with some old friends and met new ones at this exclusive event. Al and his team are excited about several new friends, who are all providing excellent products the Ask the Pool Guy team is proud to endorse.

Sit in Pool wins the Pool Guy’s new product of the year award for their awesome pool couches. They will be importing these products from France to showcase in their store and to offer to their existing client base of really cool pools. These products will be a great addition to any pool!Hammerhead International is the preferred installation provider for zoos and aquariums worldwide. The Pool Guy is looking forward to incorporating their incredible swimming pool viewing panels into future hybrid projects. These viewing panels are a great way to add beauty and visual interest to a swimming pool project.Ask the Pool Guy has been searching for a long time for a patio furniture line that he can endorse, feature, and carry, and he’s excited about his new partnership with C.R. Plastic Products. This outstanding company is passionate about caring for the environment and making beautiful outdoor furniture. They create beautiful and functional designs from recycled plastic. The Pool Guy is looking forward to visiting the C.R. Plastic Products manufacturing facility, where he and his team will shoot video about how the patio furniture is made, on the way to the Canadian Pool & Spa Show in December.

The service team at Ask the Pool Guy is excited about the innovation of a new product that allows for easy removal and re-seating of safety cover grommets from Custom Pool Tools. Custom Pool Tools is committed to improving the swimming pool service industry, which is something Ask the Pool Guy and his team are passionate about as well. This tool gets Ask the Pool Guy’s award for best new innovative product this year!

Curtis, Maki, and Olson also had the opportunity to see the show Le Reve at The Wynn while they were in Vegas. Le Reve, or “The Dream,” has been voted the best show in Las Vegas for three years running. This breath-taking show takes the audience on a romantic journey into an aquatic world where dreams and fantasies become a reality. An incredible aquatic pool features platforms that move up and down depending on the scene, allowing for stunning acrobatics both in and out of the water. If you have the opportunity, this show is worth making time for!
Overall, the Ask the Pool Guy team–Al Curtis, Sandi Maki, and Karen Olson thoroughly enjoyed their time at the International Pool and Spa Show. These shows are always a great way to connect with old friends as well as make new connections and cultivate new partnerships. This show was a great kick-off to an off-season that is sure to be full of many more pool shows across the country (and Canada!) Stay tuned for more updates about the pool shows they attend and the new products and manufacturers they find.