Ask the Pool Guy: What causes leaking in heat exchangers in a swimming pool?


Here’s the question that came across the Pool Guy’s facebook page:

I have a question. We had anodes installed over the summer to prevent corrosion in our pool and spa heaters. It seems to have had the opposite effect as both the spa and pool heaters started leaking from the heat exchanges. We had the spa heat exchange replaced at the same time as the anodes we installed. 4 months later the spa furnace as well as the pool furnace started leaking. Does it make a difference that we are not using a salt system and instead use regular chlorine feeders?


      Ask the Pool Guy’s response:  My first question for you is what was your water chemistry through the process? If your alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness were off, making your water aggressive or corrosive, that is the most likely culprit. Installing a zinc anode, basically a piece of metal in your system should have not had any affect on the heat exchangers leaking, especially in such a short time frame.