UBA Inc.

UBA Inc.
UBA Inc.

UBA Inc. is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors which was formed in 1988.
This organization partners with the Canadian Chemical Producers Association. Both associations believe chemicals must be handled by all parties who receive them in a safe and secure manner, which lends to the “cradle to grave” philosophy that guides both organizations. Responsible Distribution RD 21 is the backbone of UBA’s operational management systems. The RD 21 “Code of Practice” encompasses ISO management programs components including Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety that are relevant to the distribution of chemicals in North America. These components target specific areas which represent what we at UBA strive to accomplish every day, stewardship of the product each step of the way, inbound & outbound product inspection at our facilities and delivery of the product to your facilities safely, on time, every time.

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