Kebechem is a leading supplier of industrial plumbing products in thermoplastic serving markets such as the chemical industry, laboratories and hospitals, semi-conductors, metallurgy, and agriculture, to name a few.

The product line offered is broad and complete. Kebechem distributes pipes, valves and fittings in PVC , CPVC , PP and PVDF,  found in numerous applications such as: water treatment, high purity applications, fire sprinklers, double containment, irrigation, cooling systems, etc.

Success comes with effort. That is why Kebechem has taken great care in selecting a group of passionate and devoted people. Our people possess a vast experience and they put their heart at work, making sure the needs of our customers are fulfilled. In addition, Kebechem is associated with world-class suppliers well-know for the quality and availability of their products, excellent service, constant innovations and improvements, and competitive pricing. All these assets form the cornerstone of our company.
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