Vinyl Masters Inc.

Vinyl Masters Inc.
Vinyl Masters Inc.

Is a vinyl repair service for your pool liners and vinyl lock-in covers. We provide fast and professional service throughout southern Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa with over 20 years of experience with homeowners, manufacturers, dealers and insurance companies.

The skills and experience of Vinyl Masters Inc. makes us one of the few companies that are authorized to do warranty repair for many manufacturers. Make us your first choice to service and repair your vinyl liner.

Vinyl Masters Inc. has experience with the numerous types of problems that can occur with a vinyl pool liner and has lead the way pioneering techniques in vinyl welding that have allowed never before thought of projects to be completed.
Vinyl Masters Inc. can repair new liners that don’t fit correctly, have failed from manufacturer defect, a leak the size of a pin to cuts and tears over 100 feet long. We can refresh and repair liners that are over 15 years old or have deterioration due to sun damage.
423 King St. W., Suite 210
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