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 3X:Chemistry has a full line of maintenance and restoration chemicals that provide easy to use, yet effective solutions for making those projects a little less painful. Every 3X:Chemistry product is formulated and manufactured with the highest quality materials for maximum performance….or what we like to call the “wow” factor.
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Alden Leeds Inc.

Manufacturer of a complete line of pool, spa and specialty chemicals.


  • Algaecides
  • Chlorine Alternatives
  • Scale Control
  • Water Conditioners
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    APi was founded in Jupiter, Florida.We started our company with the
    intention of providing the pool and spa industry with simple, effective water treatment products. Since our humble beginnings in 1997, we have grown our business to include a network of distributorships,retail and service locations all over
    the country.

    APi of Jupiter, Florida, has introduced Pepper to the market to compliment salt water pools. Pepper is a special blend of ingredients that keeps salt water pools clear and healthy with two doses per month to treat the pool. Pepper oxidizes and enhances filter performance. It alsoimproves the effectiveness of the sanitizer, helps to keep phosphate levels low, limits pH fluctuations and keeps scale buildup on the cell, pool equipment and surfaces down.

    Long term benefits of using Pepper are water clairty, increased life of the chlorine generator, and more time between filter cleanings.

    Pepper is compatible with all pool surfaces and equipment. Applying this product will not interfere with swimming. After the initial application most salt water generators can be operated at lower settings.
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    AquaCal AutoPilot – HornerXpress Worldwide

    TEAM HORNER is a family of Companies focused in different areas within the Swimming Pool business worldwide. Three divisions are manufacturers; AQUACAL (heat pumps), AUTOPILOT (salt chlorine generators) and LO-CHLOR (Algaecide and Specialty Chemicals).
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    AquaFinesse is a scientific formulation of natural, inert salts that when combined in this formulation has an effect on biofilm where it will penetrate, loosen and lift the biofilm from any surface thereby exposing the colonizing bacteria it harbors in free water to be attacked by any sanitizer and removed through the filtration system.
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    AQUASALT for swimming pools & spas with chlorine generators is proud to be available only through the Professional Pool Supply Channel. AQUASALT supports the pool supply, building and pool service industry. We are an Associate Member of IPSSA and the National Plasterers Council as well as APSP members. AQUASALT is 100% Food Quality Salt (not solar salt or rock salt) and is 100% Made In The USA.
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    Ask the Pool Guy

    FerriTabs by Ask the Pool Guy  are water treatment tablets that help eliminate the discoloration caused by iron and manganese.

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    Bio-Dex is a professional provider of products for swimming pools and spas. Their offerings have proved reliable during over 40 years of operation. Both individual owners and swimming pool professionals find that Bio-Dex products help them maintain and improve the performance of swimming pools and spas. Dealers, distributors and individual owners rely on Bio-Dex products to keep equipment running smoothly. The products help produce and maintain clear, sparkling water along with keeping pool surfaces clean and free of stain and scale .
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    BioSafe Systems

    BioSafe Systems is a chemical manufacturer specializing in green, sustainable solutions.
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    First to bring remote communications capability in 1988; first to integrate Building Management System capability through Modbus communication protocol; first to introduce a complete equipment room automation package for water chemistry, filtration and water balance; first to introduce a true PPM sensor which is unaffected by changes in flow or pressure.
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