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Today, BioGuard is recognized as one of the nation’s premier suppliers of pool and spa care products in the industry.


Chem Link formulates and manufactures high-performance adhesives, sealants, coatings, and related products through three business units: Chem Link Products, Chem Link Services, and Engineered Systems. Our products are based on proprietary formulations that combine the highest possible field performance with the least amount of risk to the environment and human health.
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Christy’s Red Hot Pool Pro, Cold Pro Cold Weather Cement and MP Primers are the latest additions to Christy’s line of innovative, market leading solvent cements, tools and Jobsite Essentials. Christy’s delivers thousands of products professional pool contractors use every day.
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Custom Pool Tools

Custom pool tools Is located in Neosho Missouri and we are here for one reason, to make the swimming pool service industry a breeze. With our new tool made of 100% aluminum it will never rust or let you down. Our design allows us to replace parts of the tool if needed.  Never again do you need to throw a tool away.  The wheels are made of Recycled Polyethylene and will not scuff or leave marks on the pool deck area.

Custom Pool Tools new Deck Anchor Removal Tool makes quick work of getting swimming pool cover anchors changed so you can spend your time enjoying your pool instead of working on it.

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DECK-O-SEAL offers a complete system to protect, enhance, and beautify your pool deck, walkway, or patio. The DECK-O-SEAL line has expanded to include sealers used to seal your decks, copings, and waterfalls.
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E-Z Weld

For over 40 years, E-Z Weld has been making a broad range of high-strength PVC, CPVC and ABS solvent cements, primers, cleaners and thread sealants ideally formulated for

a variety of pipe joining applications.
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Earthcore Industries, LLC

Manufacturers and Distributors of Isokern Fireplaces & Chimney Systems and much more: ISO’ven, Isoflames, ISOKOAT, Decorative Caps, Chimneys and Accessories.
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Eco Choice Pool Coatings by Sau-Sea

We manufacture ONLY Swimming Pool Paints and they are produced under strict quality control using only the very finest ingredients available in today’s world market.
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Eco Finish

EcoFinish™ has developed a revolutionary pool finish that virtually eliminates all of traditional plaster and paint coating shortcomings. It cures in seconds and is extremely durable. Aqua Bright™ is very eco-friendly because it greatly reduces the use of chemicals to balance pH.
415 Constance Dr. Warminster, PA 18974

AquaBright is a Thermal Plastic Coating that is applied pneumatically. The raw material is in a dry powder form that is propelled through a gun-type applicator and heated onto the pool surface. The material dries almost instantaneously.
The Thermal Spray applicator was specifically designed to produce a polymeric coating using our Aqua Bright thermal plastic powder. The finishes are easily applied with our proven installation methods and the end result is a smooth and durable astoundingly beautiful finish, that will last for many years to come.

Compressed air and propane are the only requirements to operate the Thermal spray equipment. A small vehicle or trailer is all that is needed to transport the Thermal Spray applicator and all AquaBright materials.


For decades swimming pools were coated in a silky brilliant white rubber-based paint finish. Besides the smooth texture and bright white look, this type of paint was known for durability against stains and imperfections. During the late 1980’s, government regulations banned some of the most crucial ingredients for making this product maintenance free. New paints were no longer free from imperfections. Blistering, chipping, peeling and fading began to appear in as little as six months. This forced swimming pool builders in this region to switch to plaster finishes. Plaster has its own issues, in the form of a long and complicated start up process, staining, shrinking and cracking just to name a few.
Some of the benefits of AquaBright™:

Color Uniformity – Compared to colored masonry finishes, AquaBright™ has a more uniform color across the entire swimming pool and as the pool ages the AquaBright finish will not “mottle” or fade in larger blotchy clouds.

Why Pay For Trucked Water? If left alone, most curing masonry finishes will dry out and crack if water is not immediately placed in the pool. Because of this, it is a common practice to truck in water to protect the new finish. Once installed, the AquaBright finish is cured. You can fill that day, the next day or the following week; thus eliminating the need to pay for water.

What’s A Hot Start? Are you looking at a colored finish? Colored Masonry finishes typically require a two week start up process called a “Low alkalinity burn” or a “Hot Start”. This is where you or your pool company will pour muriatic acid into your pool to burn the leaching calcium off the curing masonry finish. Being a hard durable plastic surface, aquaBRIGHT does not require any caustic or complicated start up process. We call our start up process, “Balance and Swim”.

Pick A Color, Any Color. Pigments are like commodities, there can be great variations in cost, depending on the color you choose. Sometimes the difference can be so great it becomes the sole determining factor in choosing the color scheme for your pool. All standard aquaBRIGHT finishes are one awesome low price, so choose away and pick what you like and not what you can afford.

Test, Add Chemicals And Re-test. When did owning a pool mean that you need a degree in chemistry? Old timers used to treat their pools with two things chlorine and muriatic acid. Unlike masonry finishes, the non-porous, smooth and PH neutral aquaBRIGHT finish won’t counter balance with your swimming pool’s water chemistry. We’re not saying with aquaBRIGHT you’ll only need chlorine and acid, but due to the nature of plastic, you’ll spend much less time balancing your water chemistry and more time enjoying your pool with your family.

Pre-mix To Protect. Many chemicals need to be pre-mixed with water before adding the product to the pool. Usually this is to protect the finish of the pool to prevent problems like bleaching and etching. Our plastics are chemical resistant and unlike masonry finishes, aquaBRIGHT can be acid washed with very little impact to the surface and the color.

Eco Pool Finish
415 Constance Drive Warminster, PA 18974