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Mossing Pools

Larry Mossing and Sons Poolsmiths was soon formed and was located on Maple St. in Metamora, OH.

After a few years of experimenation with vinyl liners and fiberglass panels, he stumbled upon an up-start, Family Fun Pools of Louisville, OH, who’s system featured a free form fiberglass wall and a poured concrete bottom. He liked the ease of construction, strength, and flexibilty, so he quickly renovated his existing vinyl liner with a Family Fun system. That was 1969 and we haven’t looked back.

Larry’s son, Dave, took the reigns in 1998, dropped the “and Sons” and continues to manage the company as Mossing Pools.

As Mossing Pools flourished under Dave, the company required more space for equipment, vehicles, and inventory, so in 2002 Dave built a new shop on a sprawling lot just south of Metamora.

Currently, Dave manages all Mossing Pools operations with the help of his son, Luke, who Dave plans to hand the business over to when the time comes.
2560 County Rd. S P.O. Box 205