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Mechanical Energy Systems Inc


Mechanical Energy Systems Inc., is on a mission to save Michiganders money and energy with high efficiency quality products. Faced with rapidly escalating energy costs and an uncertain energy future, it makes sense for all of us to promote conservation, energy conservation and renewable energy options. With our quality, reliable technology and years of experience and professionalism, MES is bringing high efficiency heating and cooling, solar and renewable energy to Michigan and beyond.


High efficiency furnaces, air conditioners, air purifiers, humidifiers, filters, duct cleaning. Solar for home & business: solar electric (PV), solar hot water heating, solar pool heating, solar space heating,  Solatube natural daylight products, solar attic fans. Design, sales, installation and service. Financing available. DIY kits available: solar water heating, Solatube, solar attic fans, solar pool heating (why pay to heat your pool when the sun does it for free, year after year). Our goal is to save you energy dollars and improve your home comfort. Made in USA and NAFTA quality products are important to keep jobs from being outsourced. All products designed for maximum performance in Michigan. Great warranties and low maintenance.

Brands:April Aire, EnPhase, EnerWorks, FAFCO, Fujitsu, Lennox, Luxaire, Marathon, Solatube, State, SunPower, Sunsiaray
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