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Pool Busters LLC

Are you thinking.. “Am I the only person to ever remove a swimming pool?” Let me assure you you’re not. The fact is you’re in the company of thousands of pool owners who every year chose to remove their swimming pools. Why do they do it? Here are some common reasons.* Cost of maintaining the pool
* The pool has outlived its purpose
* Pool is preventing buyers from considering your home
* Reducing your personal liability
* Pool structural failureHaving a swimming pool is expensive: Repairs, maintenance, utilities cost and the fear of accidental drownings. Are you overwhelmed by all those things or simply that you’re not using your pool enough to justify the time and costs it takes to maintain it?The costs of operating a pool have increased to an estimated $3,000 to $4,000 a year not including repairs and depending on how you manage your pool. You can recover the cost of removing a concrete pool in less than three years, and in some cases in the first or second if your pool currently needs repairs.Contact Pool Busters LLC today to get an estimate on removing your pool.

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