AquaFinesse is a scientific formulation of natural, inert salts that when combined in this formulation has an effect on biofilm where it will penetrate, loosen and lift the biofilm from any surface thereby exposing the colonizing bacteria it harbors in free water to be attacked by any sanitizer and removed through the filtration system.
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AQUASALT for swimming pools & spas with chlorine generators is proud to be available only through the Professional Pool Supply Channel. AQUASALT supports the pool supply, building and pool service industry. We are an Associate Member of IPSSA and the National Plasterers Council as well as APSP members. AQUASALT is 100% Food Quality Salt (not solar salt or rock salt) and is 100% Made In The USA.
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When you’re looking for reliable pool and spa products that are powerful enough to solve existing problems and prevent new ones, try the Ultima™ brand, a unique line of specialty products for swimming pool and spa care. Now including Salt Solutions by Ultima™ salt water products, the Ultima™ line offers easy-to-use products for any pool or spa where the owner wants to spend more time enjoying the water than maintaining it!
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Since the 1960’s, the company has established itself as the leading manufacturer of high quality and simple to operate conductivity and pH instrumentation for municipal, commercial and industrial water quality control, chemical concentration testing and process control.
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The all new Pooltest 9 Premier adds new tests, calculations, and features to the highly successful technology leading Pooltest 9 and 25 Professional Series of instruments. The Pooltest 9 Premier is the mid-range compliment to the Pooltest 3 & 6 Tech Series and the Pooltest 25 Professional. Quality does exist at an even more affordable price with the full range of photometers and the precisely dosed reagent “blister packaging”.
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Periodic Products

CuLator® Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer acts like a sponge to rapidly remove and eliminate bad ionized metals from pools and spa water. As water passes over the PowerPak, metals attach to the CuLator® and are trapped inside the bag. After use, toss in the garbage and the captured metals are eliminated from the water.
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