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Intec is the oldest and most respected manufacture of copper ionization systems in the world today.  In operation since 1973, Intec offers six different systems for swimming pools, spas, homes, agriculture & livestock, commerce, and industry.Intec also offer a wide range of water treatment technologies from leading manufacturers such as Clack, Fleck, GE, Pentair, Trojan, Del Ozone, and many more.  Treatment technologies include, but are not limited to, filtration, Ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange (softeneting), no salt softeners/conditioners, anion exchange (tannins), ionization, U/V, ozone, aeration, and pH balancing.EPA registered biocides are marketed to the animal health industry to remove biofilm which improve animal health and performance.  Addressing biofilm is an integral part of biosecurity programs that can lead to a reduction of pathogens in grocery stores and dinner plates.
Intec has the expertise and the solutions available to fit in any budget.  Contact Intec today and discover what our technologies can offer.

Copper Ionization (Chlorine Alternative)
                                                                                                                                             chlorine free poolsCopper ionization is also referred to as a chlorine free or chemical free technology.  It has many advantages over salt water chlorinators.  Unlike salt water pools, ionization is safe to use on any pool surface (guanite, pebble tech, vinyl, and fiberglass).  Since this chlorine free technology does not use oxidation, it will increase the life of any pool surface.

Copper ionization can also be used to treat water in private wells for both households and livestock applications.  Unlike U/V or ozone, copper ions have a long lasting residual of a sanitizer.

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Why choose an ionized pool?


1)      Save money on chemicals (no chlorine, shock, algaecides, stabilizer)

2)      Save time on maintenance

3)      Not aggressive on surfaces like salt systems

4)      Eco-friendly

5)      Softer feel to the water

6)      Will not irritate allergies or asthma

7)      Free training/troubleshooting on our toll free number

8)      Increase life on vinyl liner and fiberglass pools

9)      No chemical odors

10)    All unites manufactured here in the USA

Intec’s CV10 Is designed to treat pools up to 10,000 gallons, spas, and swim spas. It is prefect for most aboveground swimming pools.  The system comes complete with an electronics unit, single electrode, comprehensive test kit, copper test kit, and maintenance instructions.
Intec’s CV40 is designed to treat pools up to 40,000 (both above ground and in-ground).  This system is will work on most private pools and is a more economical option than our premier system the Genesis Expanse.  The system comes complete with an electronics unit, single electrode, comprehensive test kit, copper test kit, and maintenance instructions.

The Genesis Expanse is the premier unit to the Intec Ionization line. It is designed to treat pools up to 60,000 gallons.  It has a weatherproof outer shell which is also resistant to damaging ultraviolet light, and high humidity environments.  It utilizes a constant current technology that can release a constant stream on ions regardless of the water conditions. The system also has a variable power setting that is adjustable to the varying conditions of your pools water chemistry. The system comes complete with the electronic unit, large electrode, comprehensive test kit, copper test kit, and a booklet of comprehensive pool water and equipment care instructions.
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Marquis Spas

Marquis® – The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience – is in its fourth decade of business and recognized as one of the industry’s highest quality manufacturers of modern spas. Marquis provides a consistently superior level of hot tub product performance and satisfaction.
596 Hoffman Road Independence, OR 97351-9601
Morton Salt

Morton® Advanced Formula Pool Salt, a patented blend of high purity salt and pool maintenance chemicals, scientifically engineered to balance pools faster and maintain optimal pool pH. Morton® Professional’s Choice Pool™ Salt provides another high purity salt option perfect for all salt water chlorinators and exclusively distributed in the Pool Industry.

123 N Wacker Dr Fl 24 Chicago, IL 60606-1760
North American Salt Company

North American Salt Company (NASC) is the manufacturer of ProSoft Pool Salt which delivers the ultimate in pool water softness. Engineered for use in pools, it is a high purity salt with no YPS, quick dissolving and usable with all chlorine generators. It provides water that is gentler on the eyes, skin and hair while reducing maintenance associated with traditional chlorine pools and the handling of hazardous chlorine.
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Prozone Water Products

Prozone began making superior water quality by pioneering the original VUV ozone generator system in 1977. Since then, Prozone has become the leader in developing and patenting an impressive array of turn-key ozonators in VUV, Corona discharge, Hybrid Ozonators and Salt Chlorine Generators.
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