clear comfort

Clear Comfort

Our patented, hydroxyl-based LifeGuard Technology is the only non-toxic pool sanitation solution with a two-stage process that destroys contaminants on contact and residually, including chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium. Put simply, this means cleaner, safer, more enjoyable pools.

We’re excited about what this means for your customers and your business and look forward to discussing the opportunity to work together.

What LifeGuard Technology means:

  • No Chlorine needed: pool and spa users can leave odor and irritation behind!
  • Advanced Oxidation Process
    • Oxidative kill: highly potent hydroxyls quickly eliminate bacteria, viruses and protozoa
    • Residual kill: safe, long-lasting hydrogen peroxide provides residual sanitation throughout the pool
  • Sanitize pools using a process similar to the way that air is naturally cleaned in the atmosphere
  • Provide powerful immediate and enduring sanitation to your pool with less maintenance

Leaving the need for chemicals behind, Clear Comfort is safer, healthier and more cost effective. Just as importantly, we will help you empower your customers to enjoy their pool and spa experience more.

Here is a basic overview of how the technology works. Learn more on our website: