deck anchors


When it comes to closing or winterizing your swimming pool, one of the most overlooked items are the deck anchors. These are also known as handrail and ladder cups. On some pools, these extend above the coping or steps by as much as 3 inches. On other pools these are flush with the patio or other surrounding area. When they extend, they become the highest point on which the cover lays. Therefore, when rain water or snow collect on the cover all of the pressure from that weight is directed onto the deck anchor. This causes the cover material to become stressed, resulting in punctures, rips or tears, costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


CoverPals insert into deck anchors and alleviate the pressure. They are designed to disperse the weight and protect your cover. Where deck anchors have been neglected in the past, we at CoverPals have turned them into a point of focus. We feel that by including this product as part of your pool closing regime, you benefit tremendously year after year.
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