Easy to Maintain

Chlorine Genie

The Ultimate Pool Purification Solution

  • Manufactures chlorine without pouring salt into your pool
  • Adjusts pH levels without using soda ash or pool acid
  • Can run independently from your filtering system which saves electrical costs
  • 25%-33% return on your investment per year in total savings
  • Provides crystal-clear water that is daily sanitized for about $25 a year
  • Easy maintenance: clean the cell with a touch of a button
  • Backed by a 5 year warranty


Benefits of the Genie

  • Eliminate the liability of handling, transporting or storing of hazardous sanitizing chemicals
  • Water feels softer and more comfortable
  • No more clothing ruined from bleach
  • Extends life of pool and equipment
  • Reduces skin irritation, red eyes and green hair
  • The Genie works with softened tap water instead of pool water
  • Its cell is submerged in brine water instead of salted pool water.
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