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Pro-Tech Covers are unlike any other outdoor appliance cover made today. Traditional covers are made with solid material covering the entire appliance to keep out debris. Although this type of cover will keep debris out, it inherently will lock in moisture. Some cover manufacturers have tried different techniques such as lining the inside of the cover and making the cover oversized to allow for airflow. These attempts do not change the overall design; they still cover the entire unit with solid material which will result in a condensation build up underneath the cover.

The New Revolutionary Pro-Tech Cover has been designed to cover only the top portion of the appliance with solid material. The sides of the appliance are protected with a breathable tight woven mesh material keeping out the debris while keeping the unit moisture free. The top of the cover is equipped with a unique support system to allow for drainage and breathability.

Every Pro-Tech cover is designed to fit so the cover does not touch the ground to prevent rodents from nesting near the bottom of the unit.
Pro-Tech Covers are backed with a 10 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Extend the life of your investment.
Prevent debris from getting in.
Designed to let your appliance breathe
(no condensation build up).
Protects expensive electronic LCD control boards
during the closing season.
Equipped with adjustable straps to ensure
a tight fit.
Reduce costly repairs and start up issues.
Keep out acid rain and block harmful UV light.
Blends in with the environment.
Engineered and designed by a heating expert.

Standard Heater Model Numbers:
PT-250 Legacy, Larrs LG/LD, Raypak, Rheem
PT-325 Legacy, Larrs LG/LD, Raypak, Rheem
PT-400 Legacy, Larrs LG/LD, Raypak, Rheem

Low Profile Models
PTL-LXI Jandy LXI, Larrs LX
PTL-HAY Hayward 300/400
PTHP Heat Pump

Why cover your heater or heat pump/appliance

Year after year, every spring and fall season your outdoor heater/appliance is exposed to the outdoor elements. Depending upon where you live your outdoor appliance could sit idle for up to 8 months out of the year. Debris, such as, tree leaves, tree limbs, branches, pine needles, small twigs, pollen, etc. all get inside the appliance. This debris builds up on the heat exchanger, fan motor, gas burners and burner tray. The debris absorbs moisture and remains inside the unit which will prematurely rust the metal cabinet, internal parts and corrode your wire connections. This build up of debris will also cut down on the efficiency of your heater and lead to costly repairs or replacement. A stick in the way of your fan in your Heat Pump or Air Conditioner when first starting in the spring could put your fan out of balance which results in a noisy unit. Covering your expensive electronic LCD controls during the off season will help extend the life of the board and help prevent the LCD screen from fading. UV light, acid rain, and salty sea air near the coast are also factors that wear on your outdoor appliance. Covering the unit will extend the life of your investment and save on repair costs.

There are many benefits to covering your heater/appliance, the most important is protecting your investment and extending the life of your unit for many years of enjoyment.

That being said there is also a wrong way when covering your outdoor appliance. Using a traditional solid tarp type cover found on the shelf at your local hardware store or any other solid appliance cover made for appliances can actually do more harm than good. Although this type of cover would keep out the debris, it will also lock in moisture. Once this moisture builds up it will be trapped under the cover for the entire winter season until you uncover the appliance. This moisture will accelerate rusting of your cabinet, corrode your electric terminal connections and prematurely cut the life expectancy of your unit. If asked, most service professionals would recommend against covering the appliance based on these factors.
Tarp covers are also very difficult to put on. They are usually too large for your appliance and it is very hard to fasten with rope or bungee straps to keep it from blowing off. Because these covers are not designed to fit, the extra material builds up on the bottom of the unit and it creates a perfect nesting place which will attract rodents.

The revolutionary New Pro-Tech Cover is the only way to protect your investment by keeping debris out, while keeping your appliance moisture free.