Check Out the ‘Ecoskim’ Skimmer


Interested in water conservation? Then you might just want to check out the Ecoskim. 

The Ecoskim is a unique pool cleaning device produced originally in Australia for Australian conditions. However, it is beneficial anywhere with droughts, or anywhere water conservation is important. It has the potential to save pool owners thousands of gallons of water each year and also hundreds of dollars in water costs.

How does it work?

The Ecoskim works with your existing pool skimmer and attaches to it, allowing for greater fluctuations in pool water levels. No matter if your pool experiences heavy evaporation or heavy rainfall, the Ecoskim will take away your need to constantly top off or drain your pool to the ideal level.

“By using the Ecoskim, there is no need to top off your pool. And when we experience heavy rainfall, there’s no need to flush out the excess water. The Ecoskim keeps your pool water skimmed adequately at a variety of levels,” Says Al Curtis from Ask the Pool Guy.

The average skimmer box operates with a maximum 70mm water level fluctuation window. With the Ecoskim, your skimmer would be able to operate with fluctuating water levels up to 350mm. It can also maintain water levels for up to six months of absolutely no rainfall before topping your pool off would be necessary- wow!

Benefits of Ecoskim:

  • Saves thousands of gallons of pool water each year
  • Can eliminate or significantly reduce the need to top-off your pool
  • Reduces pool maintenance by removing surface debris
  • Eliminates the need to monitor pool water levels closely
  • Works well with other water-saving devices
  • Simple instillation

For further water conservation, use the Ecoskim with a pool blanket or cover.