Close a Pool Vs. Freeze Protection


snow on poolHow do you Protect your Pool from the Winter Season?

Freezing water can cause more than damage in your pipes. The cold can damage most pool equipment such as heaters, pumps, and filters.When the outdoor temperature drops below 32, costly damage can become a possibility.

There is a solution: most manufacturers, including Hayward’s or Pentair’s automation line provides excellent freeze protection. Freeze protection mode keeps away the dangerous standing water by utilizing the filter pump.

Should you Close your Pool?

In climates with fairer temperatures, those who stagnate around 32 degrees, freeze protection is typically enough protection for your pool. Unfortunately in colder climates such as Michigan, pools should be closed for the winter.

How do you get freeze protection?

A  full automation line provides the ideal solution—it gives you the ability to control all pool and spa functions while at the same time protecting your pool from the damages of frozen water. Adding this automation takes the hard work out of protecting your pool from the cold while possibly saving you money.