Culator: an excellent metal remover and stain product new to the market…


We’ve been working with metal and stain removers for years. This season there’s a new product that you might want to take a look at if you have metal issues:

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CuLator Metal Remover and Stain Preventer rapidly and permanently removes bad ionized metals, such as copper, manganese, nickel, cobalt, lead, and iron, from pools and spas.  CuLator is non-toxic, works in fresh and saltwater, and does not interact with other pool chemicals, including metal algaecides or mineral-based water purification systems containing silver and copper.  CuLator does not remove the beneficial (colloidal) form of metal found in these mineral-based water purification products. Rather, CuLator rapidly removes the bad (ionic) form of the metal produced when these products lose their effectiveness.

Simply place a pre-measured bag in the skimmer basket.  As water passes over the bag, metals attach to the CuLator and are trapped inside the bag.  After use, just toss the CuLator bag into the garbage. CuLator is great for both residential and commercial applications, and it is the only way to rapidly and permanently adsorb and remove metals from salt and fresh water pools, spas, and fountains.

CuLator is nontoxic, making it safe for family and pets, and is completely biodegradable after disposal!   It’s not magic.  It’s science!

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