Discussing Salt Chlorine Generators


Recently, salt chlorine generators have gained popularity in North America- and rightly so. They are convenient and economical. What’s not to love? They are even available for ‘pop-up’ pools and above ground pools of all shapes and sizes. Many customers are only being told they have to simply add salt, and the pool will take care of the rest. While this is partially true, there are some missing key elements in this explanation.

There is no such thing as a one-time-maintenance trick for a pool. Pool’s require regularly scheduled maintenance and upkeep to continue running properly and efficiently. Salt generators are no different. They are unique because they actually generate chlorine for your pool.

Chlorine generators create chlorine from salt by passing the salt water through the generator ‘cell’. The cell contains layers of metallic plates which are electrically charged. This process of electrolysis converts the salt to a form of liquid chlorine. Thus, creating an instant and free flowing source of chlorine in your pool. As the chlorine is used up by your pool, it converts back to salt- allowing the whole process to repeat. This is one of the main attractions of salt generators.

People may believe due to this regeneration process, no maintenance is required. It’s true, there is less need for shocking or adding chlorine manually. However, there will still be times when a salt water pool will require the use of another type of chlorine. Also, it is important to acid wash the chlorine generator cell a few times a year to prevent scaling, stain, and buildup.

Salt stays in the pool water unless the water is somehow diluted either from refilling or heavy rainfall. Backwashing, bather splashing, and evaporation can all require the addition of water to a pool. Typically, adding a few bags of pool salt two or three times during the swimming season will do the trick. It is always a good idea to continually check your salt level to make sure everything is balanced.

As with any pool, pool’s with chlorine generators need monthly maintenance and care. Contact Ask the Pool Guy and we’ll perform your maintenance for you!