Discussion: Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners


polaris-logo PolarisBoosterPump.jpgThere are many different types of pool cleaners. Today we will talk about pressure-side pool cleaners. These are sometimes referred to as ‘booster pump’ type cleaners. The water that is pumped back to the pool propels these units. They have their own hydraulic power plant inside. Being on the pressure side, these cleaners have distinct advantages. They help to to distribute clean, filtered water around the pool. They have their own debris bag so that means they don’t clog up the filter system by bringing in dirt and debris. Even if the bag becomes full, a pressure cleaner still operates. It will still stir debris up, it just wont suck up debris until the bag is emptied.

Pressure side pool cleaners operate separately from the pool filter system. They are not typically affected by a dirty filter or full pump basket. The booster pump delivers a consistent flow rate to a pressure side pool cleaner. If you notice your cleaner is moving slowly, check the inline strainer. Make sure it is clean. This small steal strainer should be checked regularly. The wall fitting has an adjustable pressure valve. This allows excess water pressure to escape. If this valve is opened too much, your cleaner may become very slow.

Another reason for your pressure-side pool cleaner to be moving slowly could be a split or hole in the hose. Check the hose from the wall to the unit to make sure no water is escaping. A small amount of leakage at the swivels is normal. If this isn’t the issue, it is time to inspect the wheels and gears that drive them. Sometimes sticks or sand can jam the wheels. They might need to be adjusted to engage the gears and belts properly. Drive belts need to be replaced once in a while because of wear and tear over time.

Is your pressure cleaner not cleaning the entire pool? Adjustments made to the thrust jet can create different cleaning patterns. The length of the hose is also important. Does it have enough hose to reach the far corners? If it has too much hose, this can cause a problem. It may become tangled or disrupt cleaning patterns.

Is your cleaner becoming stuck in one area? Sometimes your pool cleaner will get stuck behind the ladder. There are many ladder guards available to keep this from happening. Similarly, if your cleaner gets stuck on the main drain of the pool, you can purchase a main drain cover that should eliminate this issue.

Is your pressure-side cleaner hose tangling? If this is happening, you may have too much hose. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for sizing. It is important to find a hose that fits your pool size! The unit can get overpowered, causing it to loop around wildly, creating a huge tangle.

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