Energy Signature


Energy Signatures

Energy signatures are very important in the business world. Energy signatures create a basis for you even when you are not there. They let someone know who you are, how you are, and so much more. A simple example would be your voice mail recording someone hears when you are not able to answer. It is happy? Were you in a rush when you created it? Do you talk fast, slow, or moderate in it? How does it make the person on the other end feel when they get it? All these are questions to ask when thinking about your energy signature, they all related to the same thing, priorities. If you are in a rush when you create your voice mail, it gives off the impression that you do not take time and do things thoroughly.

Now imagine you are creating the voice recording for your company, the same way you created your personal voice recording in a rush and talking very fast. This does not leave your customer excited to talk to you and perhaps they ignore the returning call they get the next day and go find a much happier company, all because of that one voice recording. The littlest things give light to the personality of the entire company.

LegendaryEscapes_logo_02web-resEnergy Signature in Marketing

‘In terms of marketing we are referring to the energy you bring with you to your work, your social and personal connections/relationships.

Al and Sandi would say that it is very important to have a face for your company, your store or your business.

When you have a face for your company just like Ask The Pool Guy has a caricature of Al as the icon for our company it gives someone something to relate to when they call or meet face to face with you. They can say I saw the cartoon of you on your website how did you get that there, or something of that nature, to  break the ice and bring forth something to connect about.

We are Visual Connectors

As humans we tend to be visual connectors, we are drawn to faces. One of the first things we notice about someone is their face, and their facial expression. Are they happy, sad, in shock? Can we tell what mood they are in by what their face is telling us?

Having a “face” for your company could be a cartoon like Ask The Pool Guy, or it could be a normal professional picture of the boss, the whole team or just one outstanding individual. The point is having a picture a logo is something that can set apart your company or business from anything like it. Most company’s these days are missing the personal aspect of running a company. So having a recognizable picture or logo can really improve your chances of building the connection with your potential customers.