EZ Leaf Cover for Hot Tubs


Invented out of necessity, the EZ Leaf Cover is a foldable leaf net that fits most hot tubs and spas.  Instead of spending valuable time fishing out leaves, pollen, twigs and other debris, you could be using the EZ Leaf Cover and enjoying more time in your clean hot tub or spa.  It is EZ to install and EZ to store.  EZ Leaf Cover folds like a car window shade into a special carrying case.  The EZ Leaf Cover is made from a weather resistant, UV protected micro-fine PVC net that is extremely durable.  The EZ Leaf Cover lets water through but not the debris.  Order your’s today.










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2 thoughts on “EZ Leaf Cover for Hot Tubs”

  1. Thanks Pool Guy for posting our EZ Leaf Cover. It is currently on Sale on Amazon for $29.99 with free shipping if you have a Prime Account. Just search for Hot tub leaf cover. I’ve had mine since I invented it 2 years ago, let me tell you… I love it. I think you will too.

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