From the drafting table of a swimming pool designer


I have consulted with thousands of people face to face at their kitchen table regarding swimming pools. As the designer and salesperson, I have to be aware that I am really a dream weaver for these people. The stories I tell and the mental pictures I create in their heads are what sell the swimming pool projects. My job, really, is to tell them a story that paints them into it so that they feel that they can no longer live without the swimming pool and design. If done properly, my job is really done at that point. It will only be a matter of time for them to repeat that story to themselves enough until they realize that they can’t live without it.
I’ve watched other swimming pool salespeople go in and unload on potential clients with piles of brochures, mounds of useless technical data, and everything but the kitchen sink and then wonder why they didn’t get the job. Note to all: They don’t need it all to make a decision and they really don’t care that much! Quit making it so difficult for them.