Fun Sports to Play in the Pool


One of the joys of having a pool is enjoying pure relaxation time. Oftentimes people get a pool to simply ‘do nothing’. There’s something so relaxing, so restorative, about lounging in your own pool after a long day’s work. Inactivity is often the best activity to indulge in when you’re a pool owner.

But what do you do when that gets boring? That means it’s time to put your game face on. Many of American’s favorite pastimes can be modified to play in the pool.

Water Polo

Water polo was designed to be played in the pool. Serious athletes all around the world have dedicated their life to perfecting this fine sport. Water polo is one of the earliest sports of the modern Olympics. This is a challenging game that tests the limits of one’s aquatic athleticism.

To start, purchase a ball and a pair of water polo goals. These can be purchased at most retailers. Now it’s time to call up your friends and family and put your teams together. Professional polo teams are composed of 7 players on each team- but for backyard polo, feel free to play with less.

The rules are simple: players pass and catch the ball one-handed, or swim with it in front of them, all in order to make a shot on the goal. Only the goalie is able to use two hands, punch the ball, or touch the bottom of the pool.

Keep the game fair! Alternate each team’s use of the shallow end of the pool. This game can be hard and fast to play- no need to go to the gym afterwards.


In order to play pool basketball, you will need a pool-specific basketball net. Most of these are affordable and easy to install. Then you need to find a light, buoyant basketball that can be easily shot in the water.

If you have a long in-ground pool, why not go all out and get two nets? Your game could cover the entire area of the pool. Again, be fair, and alternate the teams that get to shoot from the shallow end. We recommend a 3-on-3 game, with 5 minutes halves, timed with a cell phone. In order to establish the 3-point range, just place a pool-safe object on the edges of the pool to mark the boundaries.


Volleyball might be the best land-based sport to play in the water. This game is a summer classic. There are several manufacturers who make pool-safe nets that stretch across the middle of the pool. To play the game we recommend alternating which team plays from the shallow end, and playing a standard 21-point game.

This game is nice because no special ball is required, just a regulation volleyball. The ball will cause no damage to your pool, only to the person on the receiving end of your spike.


Football doesn’t have to be only for land. It can be just as much fun in the water! Make sure to find a soft, bouyant football that will be perfect for you pool. Establish endzones on the side of your pool, pick some quarterbacks, and you’re all set! We recommend refraining from tackling but use two-hand touch. Touch-down dances are always encourged.

Ultimate Flying Disc

This game has grown in popularity over the years. The game is played much like football. It has one major difference: players cannot run (or swim) while holding the disk. The only way the disk can move is by passing.

In order to score a point, players have to pass the disc into the end zone. You cannot swim the disc in. Kick off begins by having one team throw to the other. Then the receiving team goes for the end zone until someone scores.

The game is typically played in quarters of 5 or 10 minutes. Swtich end zones each half. Before you realize it, you’ll wonder why you never played this with your friends and family in summer’s past!

No matter the game you choose to play, be responible and play safely.