Glenn’s Fireplace Spa and Billiard’s


Glenn’s Fireplace Spa and Billiard’s is a well respected Michigan company that has been selling and servicing spa’s. They make everything just a little bit warmer and cozier for everyone. The company strives to make you feel more welcome and enjoy the space you have with others around you to enjoy everything about the simplest things like a game with some old friends. They have worked with people  in Michigan around the Wayne area but also all over the country.  Glenn’s website is very helpful to both inform you of what you want and if they are not what you are looking for they can help guide you in the right direction that your purchasing may take you. On top of everything they have very prestigious brands that allow them to operate at a very high standard and make their customers happy with their work and quality.

Phone Number: 734-367-6600

Address: 11211 Wayne Rd. Livonia, MI 48150