How To Remove A Broken Caretaker In-Floor Cleaning Head


Wondering if you have any creative solutions for how to get a cleaning head out of the pool when the top of it is broken off, which makes it so my install tool has nothing to grab on to.

Have tried a few methods but thus far none have worked.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.


Sounds like you have a fun challenge – one thing I would try is to drill something into the head if there is any plastic you can secure something to – like a screw that you could then use to spin the head out of the unit? Depending on where it is also blowing some co2 through the line when you are pretty sure the head is not locked in place may help if suction is an issue trying to pull it up as well.

I also asked Al the Pool Guy who hasn’t come across this particular issue – also a call to Zodiac who makes Caretaker may have additional help for you.

Good luck!


Follow up advice if you run into a similar issue from the homeowner!

In case you are asked by anybody else, I found a good way to get these out.

What I did was take one of my hand held chisels (I think it is the 1″ chisel) and pound it lightly in to the empty end of my telescopic pole.
I taped it with duct tape for good measure.
I then pushed it in to what remained of the floor jet and twisted the pool.
This easily unscrewed/loosened what remained of the floor jet.
My next issue was, how do I get this out of the hole?
Easy!  Just turned on the pump and the water pressure blew them out of the holes.