Ideas for Custom Swimming Pools in Michigan


Thinking of installing a pool in your backyard, but want something a little more exciting than just the regular kidney or triangle shape? Luckily, you don’t have to go with the norm and have your pool look just like everyone else’s on the block. Get a custom swimming pool in Michigan, and you’ll not only stand out from the crowd but you’ll also get a ton of features that will make your family pool much more useful to you.

One of the most popular shapes for custom pools in Michigan is no real shape at all. These days, swimming pools are starting to take on the shape of actual bays and beachfronts and have curves and bends that are much more natural looking than a pool that is confined to an actual shape. Incorporated into that natural look are often infinity pools, which are also starting to become more popular. These pools have an edge or a drop where they seem to just keep on going and going – they can even flow into another pool!

Aside from beauty and aesthetics, you should also consider certain features that you need in your pool design. Maybe you want to be able to enjoy one with your children in the summer, but are concerned about the safety of children around swimming pool. Gates and fences are always a good option to add to the pool’s safety, but they can also detract from the look of the pool, and keep you from enjoying it when you’re not actually using it. Custom swimming pools in Michigan can be equipped with alarms that will sound should the water become disturbed. So you won’t only not have to worry about kids falling in when you’re not around, you also won’t have to worry about unwanted visitors after hours or when you’re not home.

Of course not everyone uses their backyard pool just for recreation; some use it as a training tool or as exercise equipment. Having jets and current systems installed in your custom pool in Michigan can be great for resistance training, while lap lines can be painted on the surface for racing swimmers. Ledges, steps, pull bars, and other equipment can also be installed right inside the pool to give athletes more equipment to work and train on.

And it’s not just design and additional features that make for a great unique pool and backyard escape in Michigan. You can also customize the chlorine needs and levels, and even choose to fill it up with salt water, which provides an especially refreshing swim and is known for exfoliating and conditioning the skin.

Custom Swimming Pool in Michigan by Ask the Pool Guy

When you’re installing a swimming pool and you want something that’s a little different, choose a customized swimming pool design. You can play around with so much more than just the colors and tiles, and get a swimming pool that actually works for you!