Indoor Swimming Pools


Indoor swimming pools can be a very popular choice for homeowners who want to be able to use their pool year round and without the concern of the elements of the area where the pool is installed.Dean Indoor Gunite Pool and Spa Southfield 2011 by Legendary Escapes Pools. THM

If you have an existing indoor swimming pool, you probably know how much fun they can be.

The room where an indoor swimming pool is installed is as critical as anything in the process. The ventillation and HVAC system should be equipped to move the air through the pool room and control the humidity so that a buildup of moisture in the air does not cause any issues. The owners of an indoor swimming pool will also see less maintenance issues, typically, since there will be much less debris to contend with. The pool chemicals also tend to remain relatively stable without the burn off of chlorine by the sun as is seen with the typical outdoor swimming pool.

If you would like to build an indoor swimming pool, Ask the Pool Guy can help. We work with an award winning team of designers and builders that are experienced in the designing and building of both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

When you meet with a pool designer, here are a few things you should ask yourself as you decide that you would like to build an indoor swimming pool.

For your appointment with our pool designer you will want to have a plot plan or mortgage survey available, as well as the building plans for your home if it is a new construction, or any structural plans if it is going to be built in an existing home. This will help in determining pool placement and any considerations regarding location that will need to be made. You will also want to consider where you would like to locate your equipment room, as space will be needed for your pump, heater, filter, plumbing and electrical controls for your indoor swimming pool. We do recommend these are put in a room with a floor drain. If you need to perform any maintenance to your equipment, water may need to be taken out of the system so you will want to address this to prevent logistics issues later on.

Michigan Swimming Pool Services LLC answers the need of many Michigan homeowners when it comes to service of their indoor swimming pools. Staffed with a unique call center, the first of it’s type in the industry, all service requests are handled in an efficient way, matching the best area service professional with the homeowner to provide the swimming pool maintenance, service, or other answers quickly and efficiently.

We offer is one stop scheduling, troubleshooting, answers to questions, and guidance if you are a homeowner in Michigan.

If you’d like to schedule a new pool consultation, or have questions, concerns or require service of your indoor swimming pool, please call our Scheduling Hotline: 248-478-4978.