It’s Getting Hot in Here


lighted spa displayTaking care of your spa

Caring for your spa and caring for your pool are two different things. While they are similar, spas are smaller and have a significantly higher temperature. They also are in a constant state of aeration. These different characteristics can disrupt the sanitation, water balance, and pH levels of your spa.

Follow this simple, three-step program to help keep your spa in its ideal condition:

  1. Keep the water in balance. The water in your spa needs to be treated more harshly than the water in your pool. Although spas create a relaxing environment for yourself and your guests, the fixtures and conditions of the spa are not always as relaxed. The pH of your spa should be checked frequently, preferably each week, so that ideal spa conditions are maintained.
  2. Water sanitation. Due to much higher temperatures, spas require harsher sanitizes than pools. Bacteria thrives in hot temperatures; it is essential to keep the water sanitized with a sanitizer that is specifically formulated for hot water.
  3. Water clarity. To keep your spa water sparkling it is recommended to replace 10% of the water weekly, and follow it up with an addition of a shock chemical. The water clarity can be very sensitive to the water’s heat and turbulence.

Maintenance is key! Even while the spa is not in use it is still essential to have routine maintenance checks.


Here are some recommendations:

Daily– Check pH level and sanitizer

Weekly– Use a non-chlorine shock to oxidise spa water

Monthly– Rebalance water chemistry by cleaning the cartridge filter