I Don’t Add Any Chemicals, Except Chlorine. Is This Normal?


I have lived in this house for 10 years and I have never had to add any chemicals to my pool except Chlorine. How is it I never have to add acid? Every time I or the pool stores test, the water is perfect. I thought maybe I had a leak and my auto fill was just constantly adding new water into the pool but I turned off the auto fill and it’s not leaking. Could it be the vegetation that keeps falling into it from my neighbors tree?

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Once pool water is stable it does stay relatively constant. Factors that change water chemistry are swimmers, rain/evaporation, source water addition and ground water runoff. It is possible your source water that is coming through the auto-fill compensates for changes and is pretty well balanced itself. The one thing I would have checked if you haven’t recently is TDS – total dissolved solids. When the TDS gets too high the water can’t change – as it has absorbed all that it can handle and won’t allow chemicals to dissolve into it anymore.

Otherwise, if the pool store tests are good, you may just have super stable water conditions!