July is Ice Cream Month!


downloadSummer is our favorite season here at Ask the Pool Guy, for reasons you can probably guess. But, aside from the fact that summer is when we get to do all of our pool work, we love this season for many more reasons! We love to swim in pools when we can get a chance–even if it’s only a couple times a year! We love the longer days. We love the way people feel in the summer–everyone just seems a little happier, and more willing to have fun. And also, we love ice cream. Because what’s better than enjoying some ice cream on a hot day (well, relaxing poolside might be tied for first!)?

Apparently, Ronald Reagan felt the same way, and that’s why he appointed July as National Ice Cream Month. Now, we’re not really sure what that means, but we think it’s safe to say you should probably eat as much ice cream as possible while you have a good excuse. Or, if you want to limit the celebration a little (although we’re not really sure why anyone would), the third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day. That’s this coming Sunday!

So, this Sunday, call up some friends, grab some ice cream, and then hit the pool. Or get a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and eat it on your couch in the air conditioning…we won’t tell 🙂