Learn About Pools

Things that you should always know about your pool and or keep handy for someone who does not know is:

What type of pool do you have? Is it in-ground or above ground pool?

What is the pool construction, this goes along with or could be asked as what type of pool is it? Vinyl Liner, Gunite, Fiberglass, or Hybrid

What company built the pool?

What year was the pool built in?

What are the dimensions of the pool? What is the length and width.

What is the depth of the pool? Shallow and deep end.

What is the volume of the pool in gallons?

How old is the liner or the tile/ coping?

What type of cover is used when winterizing the pool? Safety cover or plastic cover.

If you have a safety cover what is the manufacturer and what year was the cover installed?


Equipment and Mechanical

For all of these we want to know kind, when it was installed, brand, age, and etc:


Filter Type

Type of Heater

Salt Generator

Automation System

In-Floor Cleaning/ Heating / Efficiency System