Pump Troubleshoot Guide


Pump Suddenly Stops Working

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Has your power gone out, or your breaker tripped?
  • Has your equipment accidentally shut off? Check the power source.
  • Is your water level low, causing your pump to lose prime? Fill the pool to your proper operational level.
  • Have any of your valves been closed? Make sure all valves are open properly.
  • Are all your baskets, in the skimmer and pump clean and claer of debris?
  • Is your lid sealed on the pump?
  • Is the pump full of water?
  • Has your automation system experienced a power outage? If so, reset the time.
  • Do you have an automatic timer? Make sure your dial is set to the right time and the on and off trippers are in the right time locations.
  • Has something gotten stuck in your impeller? Carefully check this, making sure the power to the pump is off before you investigate.

If none of these help, call your pool service team for additional troubleshooting tips.

Pump Only Hums

  • Is the breaker tripped? If so, reset the breaker.   If it keeps tripping, check the electrical circuit. If the circuit appears fine, your pump may be indicating a serious issue and need to be replaced.
  • A hum may indicate the thermal switch inside the pump motor is indicating something is wrong. The thermal switch’s job is to turn the pump off to prevent further issues. A service call may be in order here.
  • A hum may also indicate the motor can’t spin. Taking apart the pump housing will allow you (or your service team) to check this out. Sometimes motors are stuck during a pool opening, and once they are loosened they operate properly. If they don’t, a pump replacement may be indicated.

Pump runs but will not move water

  • Pump may have lost its “Prime”. With the pump motor off, prime your pump by removing the lid, and fill the pump with water until the pot is full. It may be helpful to force some water down your pipes as well to give the pump added water to draw when it turns back on.
  • With your system off, check your skimmer to be sure it is free of debris or toys that will prevent the flow of water.
  • Check your pump plugs to be sure they are air tight and you do not have any air leaks. Air in your pool pump will prevent it from priming and moving water properly.
  • With your system off, move your multiport handle to recirculate to bypass your filter to determine if you have a filter blockage or malfunction. if you are able to get the pump to prime in this way, when water begins to run freely, turn pump off, place valve in filter position and turn pump back on.

Pump Is Loud

  • Is the noise coming from the pump housing (the front of the pump) or is it coming from the motor (the back of the pump)?
  • A loud noise is usually the result of the bearings going out, in the motor.
  • The loud noise could also be caused by the impeller being out of place, grinding, or caught with debris. Call your pool service team for help.
  • Is the pump sucking air? Make sure the level of the pool water is at the standard operating water level (at least half way up the skimmer).
  • Make sure that the pump and skimmer baskets are clean.
  • Make sure all of the valves are fully open.
  • Make sure that the lid O-ring is in place and that the lid is properly sealed.
  • If everything seems okay, cavitation may be occurring-where the pump is struggling to circulate more water than is available to it. There can be a number of causes for cavitation, and your pool service team can help troubleshoot this.

The Breaker Keeps Tripping

  • If it keeps tripping, check the electrical circuit. If the circuit appears fine, your pump may be indicating a serious issue and need to be replaced.