Gunite Pools


Gunite pools have been around since the 1940s and are most often seen in hotels and other commercial applications. They are structurally made of concrete and reinforced steel bars. An overlayment is then applied to give the pool a nice, aesthetically pleasing look.

Gunite Pool PROS

  • Durability: The strength and thickness of concrete make gunite pools a favorite for commercial and public pools.Gunite Pool {BEA} Legendary Escapes (4)
  • Customize: Being custom built on site, a gunite pool can be built in nearly any size or shape one can imagine.
  • Finishes: Marcite, pebble, and tile are just a few of the finishes available

Gunite Pools CONS

  • Time-frame: Gunite pools typically take the longest to build, due to the entire process being done on site.
  • “Pool Toe”: Finished surfaces are often a bit rough and can often lead to irritated or sore feet.
  • Cost: Gunite pools are often the most expensive to build.
  • Maintenance: Plaster finishes are often porous, which allows algae to root itself below the surface. Metals may also leech through.