Legendary Escapes brings you the TruTile System for Real Tile in Vinyl Liner Pools



Enjoy all the advantages of vinyl with all the beauty of real tile!

Do you enjoy the look of natural ceramic tile but prefer the comfortable, low-maintenance surface of a vinyl liner? The TruTile perimeter tile system available through Legendary Escapes allows you to have both! TruTile features a patented system that incorporates a vinyl liner wall and floor with a six-inch ceramic tile perimeter border.

  • Works in a vinyl liner pool designed for the TruTile system
  • Works with six-inch ceramic tile designs
  • All floor patterns are available for your vinyl liner
  • Vinyl liners are softer to the touch than concrete pools
  • Vinyl liners are easier to clean than concrete pools
  • Trim colors come in white, gray and blue

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