Let’s Save Money & Energy


What’s better than being environmentally-friendly and wallet-friendly?

As energy costs sky rocket, so does the cost of running a pool. This can be especially negative for pool owners. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to help cut your energy bill and also help the amount of energy you use.

One of the best things you can do is to replace your single speed pump with a variable speed pump. Variable speed pumps were created to significantly reduce high electricity consumption and to cut CO2 emissions. Browse Ask the Pool Guys collection of pumps to find the right eco-friendly choice for you and your pool.

To put it simply, set the pump on the lowest speed setting during off peak periods. Just doing this can save you over $428 a year. Before long, your variable speed pump will pay for itself.

Allen Curtis’ Ask the Pool Guy expert explains: “To achieve effective pool filtration you do not need to keep your pump running at its maximum water flow rate. In fact, your pool filter can actually work better and improve at lower flow rates. Running a pump at a low flow rate reduces water flow resistance in your pool equipment and in your plumbing. This can even enhance the clarity and sparkle of your pool water.”

Here are some other tips to save money and energy when it comes to running your pool:

  •  Replace old halogen lights with LED lights- LED lights use 85% less energy and can last over 70,000 hours. This means you most likely won’t have to replace your bulbs.
  • Use a pool cover or liquid solar blanket- This can reduce water loss by up to 97%. It can also save you up to 50% on heating costs.
  • Use a pool pump timer- Reduce your pump run time in the winter and cooler months. When it’s cooler, there’s less of a need for chlorine.
  • Use a robotic cleaner with a multi-speed pump- Robotic cleaners are different from suction cleaners because they do not use he suction power of the filtration pump. This allows the pool skimmer to concentrate only on skimming the surface of the pool while your robotic cleaner can get to work on the bottom of the pool.
  • Keep your skimmer and filter clean- this will help your pool and filter work effectively without straining the pump.
  • If you are having a new pool built, make sure to find a builder who understands hydraulics- Properly sized piping efficiently circulates water in a way that reduces wear and tear on the pump.

Even though energy bills are rising, there is no reason you and your family can’t enjoy your pool. Simply follow these steps to save energy and save money along the way!