Lifespan of Sand in a Sand Filter


Q: Just watched your awesome VIDEO on YOUTUBE, “When to change sand in a sand filter …” …  very helpful and insightful, especially the explanation about  “the filter working better over time …”.  My sand filter was installed in 2008, ran for approx a month before pool closing. We reopened the pool in 2009 for several months and have not opened again since.So the filter (while winterized) … has been sitting for 3+yrs now. We are basically at the 5 year mark as far as your recommendation for changing sand …. however the filter really has only been run for 1 season and sat idle for 3 seasons thereafter.  Thoughts?? You advice is appreciated., Sincerely, Robin A, a fan from Richfield, Ohio


HI Robin,
Thanks for the question. I would be fine to extend the life of the sand in your filter since it really only ages while the filter is running and adding new trapped debris to the top layer of sand. Just keep an eye on the water, and after another year or two if you notice the water doesn’t clear up and stay as clear as it used to that it would be time to change the sand.

Thanks for watching the video – and the nice note. Al

Watch the Video about the lifespan of the sand in a filter here: