My new liner still feels like it has wrinkles – what can I do to get them out?


Vinyl Liner Pool New Liner InstallQuestion: We were able to get in the pool this weekend.  The new liner looks good but we feel wrinkles in the bottom of the liner.  The wrinkles are not folded over but are definitely there.  We mentioned when the liner was being installed that we could see the wrinkles and we were told  hey were from packaging and would go away.  That was two weeks ago.  What is the next step to get the wrinkles out?

Answer: keep using the pool – as long as they are not folds they will work themselves out. Warmer water will help too – it’s still been getting so cold at night not many people are using the heaters yet, not sure if you are or if it’s just been sun warmed…but patience is key in this case!

**Folds will not go away on their own, but slight folds that you can feel will be pushed down by the weight of the water – and the warmer the water, the more flex the liner will have to contour to the shape of the pool bottom**