My Pool is Leaking – What Can I do next to find the leak?


I saw on your site that were you’re discussing pool leaks. Our pool last summer kept losing water. We didn’t know where it was coming from at first but after the winter and draining the pool, we noticed the pool light fixture was falling out of the wall. We replaced it and my fiancé got a pool putty/poxy to put around the fixture and seal it. Well it’s been a couple days and now it’s leaking again. I don’t see any moist spots around the pool but we have about 5ft of concrete around the edge of the pool. The water level hasn’t gotten any further down than the first step of the entrance steps going into the pool. Could you shed some light on this issue for me. I don’t know where else the leak could be for us to be losing that much water. This is an I ground pool probably around 30,000 gallons. And I do believe it’s a vinyl liner because when we drained it the liner began to come away from the wall and bubble up until the water pressure was heavy enough to put it back into place. I know you are in Michigan but if you could just give me some info so I can contact pool professionals here in Kentucky that’d be great.

Answer:Pool Light

Double check the light – even with putty those can be a recurring leak spot.

If the water level is going to the first step then I would check all the step screws, you can either get some pool leak detection dye from amazon, or sometimes the red from pool test kits will let you squeeze some in spots you suspect, if the dye gets sucked away, you know it’s a leak spot.

Also check the liner for any signs of spots, rust marks, or small holes. Even a pin hole in a liner can cause a leak.

It is probably a good time to think about a liner replacement. You can also call a leak detection company such as American Leak Detection to bring in equipment that allows them to listen for leaks through the water.

Good luck!