My Pump Has Air Bubbles – Why?


above ground filter 1 above ground pump 1 above ground wall 1Good morning,

I have a 12′ x 24′ semi-inground oval swimming pool. It is a saltwater pool. I had someone come and set my pool up filter, saltron and he added two bags of shock. When the water was filled up to where the pool guy indicated I turned on the filter and proceeded to follow the pool guys instructions. I was noticing bubbles coming out of the return and I bled the filter twice, but it continued to happened. Would you have any ideas on why this would be happening? Thank you in advance. Michele

Solutions and Ideas for Trouble Shooting:

You could have bubbles if the filter is pulling water more quickly than the system can refill, so if you fill the water just a little higher, it may help. Otherwise, you could have a lid not quite tight enough on the pump, or a plug that is loose. Tighten all the fittings, make sure the water is high enough, and then let it run for a while (an hour) and see if it clears itself up.

If you have photos of your pool and equipment, and can send them over we can take a look here at the office to see if we spot anything else that could be contributing.

A few bubbles are fine, more than that or large amounts of air that make the pump chug or gurgle are not okay for running the pump…

Fill the pool up a little higher too – just in case the pump needs more water to move freely?

One more thing you can do to test is to turn the pump off for a minute and see if gravity makes water leak out of anywhere. That would be a good indicator that it is sucking air in and causing your bubbles.