Orange Spots on my Liner – Lots of Little Specs


Mr. Pool Guy: We have an above ground pool and it was professionally done, surveyed, we keep the chemicals correct and etc. However, after a really bad rain storm two weeks ago, the rim around the pool got some kind of funk on it and we scrubbed it with vinyl cleaner, ran the pool vacuum and etc. Now on the bottom of the liner it looks like orange/yellow/rust stains, like little spots of gook got embedded in the liner. I’ve tried chlorine, algaecide, scrubbing the heck out of it, NOTHING is taking it off. It looks like if you leave a SOS paid or nail out and that orange crap gets left behind, there are 100’s of these spots on the bottom. Is it from the rain, from the gook we cleaned off that may have fell and the vacuum didn’t get it. Is it permanent and we are out of luck? Should we use some type of acid? I’ve tried Vitamin C pills? Would that real strong acid that starts with an M work? PLEASE any suggestions would be great.


If the spots are from iron then stainfree would take them off with brushing – the iron then would need to be removed from the pool, if you have a sand filter ferritabs would work.

Muriatic acid may help only if the stain is organic (like a stain from a dead plant or leaves).

Otherwise, there may have been a chemical reaction with the rail of the pool and your cleaning product, or the product may have had a reaction with the pool and caused something else to happen.

You can find stainfree and ferritabs here. Good luck!