Pool Busters LLC


The Pool Busters: Heather and Doug are the owners of their family owned company.  Pool Busters are a locally owned pool demolition company in Michigan.  The Pool Busters remove both residential and commercial pools for owners.  They service costumers in the following counties, Livingston, Genesee, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, & Wayne.

Price of Removal

Removing residential or commercial pools can range between 4,000 as a low and 15,000 as a high. The price of removing your swimming pool will depend on many factors such as:

  • * Size of the pool
  • * Access to the site
  • * Type of pool removal
  • * Pool construction material – Gunite, Lined, Concrete or Fiberglass
  • * Special requirements from the city on hauling debris
  • * Type of material that can be used to back fill pool, etc.
  • * Proximity to wetlands

If interested the pool busters recommend getting an on site offer for pool removal is the best way to do it so that they can look at all the factors that will play apart and give you the best estimate. The pool busters accept all major credit cards, and in special circumstances they also offer in-house financing.

Reasoning to Remove Your Pool

The costs of owning and operating a pool have increased to approximately $3,000 to $4,000 a year not including repairs and damages depending on how you maintain your pool. If you chose to remove your pool you can expect to recover the money in less than three year, possibly less time if your pool needs repairs.

Cost is not the only reason people remove their pools. If the pool has structural failure then the cost of fixing it to the cost of removal may influence their choice to have the pool removed.  Structural failure is one of many leading causes homeowners are having their pools removed. Many pools are reaching 30-50 years old depending on when they were installed. Pools this old have been exposed to much more heating and cooling of the earth which can crack their foundation and cause extensive and expensive problems for the homeowners. Not all issues are a cause of age, many pools are deteriorating due to poor workmanship, or the use of substandard materials. Rochester-Hills-MI-pool-removal-service


Not every homeowner is ready for the task of owning and maintaining a pool. Selling a home with a pool could potentially turn off potential buyers, because the cost and maintenance is constant. Removing your swimming pool could help sell your home, it will definitely add the the amount of potential costumers who will be interested now that it is pool free. The more costumers that are interested could spike a bidding war and end up putting more money in your pocket.

Swimming pools are wonderful for couples with young children, but what happens when the children are grown and moved on who is there to swim in the pool? Yes here and there on hot days you take a dip but the pool does not get the use that is needed to override the cost of maintaining it. Many times do home owners come to the conclusion that the cost does not meet the means and the pool must go!

Not only do people remove them because of cost, lack of use, or damage, they remove them to remove the liability that comes with having a pool. If you have a rental property that has a tenant living in it, just because they are renting it does not put the liability on them for the pool. Because the home is in your name any injuries or deaths that occur because of the pool can be blamed on you. This sheds light on why many rental properties that have pools are getting them removed to keep the renters and the owners safe from any unwanted accidents or fines. This will let both the renter and owner sleep well at night and reduce both of there costs.

Below you can find the Pool Buster LLC’s information to give them a call!

Phone Number : 248-830-9356