Pool colors affect psychology


by Stephan J. Smith, DC

Have you given any thought to the color of your pool? Many of you have liners that are printed with many varying designs, but those of you with concrete or gunite pools have a paint color to pick. I think many people don’t give color a lot of thought, but the color of your pool can have quite an impact to the feelings evoked when looking at or swimming in the pool.

Pool color affects mood

Shades of blue may include turquoise, aqua, powder blue and pale blue. Blues are the most popular of colors for pools probably because they remind us of water…it looks natural. Psychologically, blue represents peace, tranquility and calm.

Black says sophistication and elegance and is a great color if you entertain, but may prove intimidating and frightening to kids. It can be painted on the entire underwater surface or used only in accent trim. If black is your color and you tend to entertain in the evening, quality lighting is important for safety and visibility.

White is an absolute like black, but white is more reassuring and bright, representing cleanliness and purity psychologically. Many pools are off white and still look light blue due to the reflection of sky in the depths of water. As a side note, white is much harder to keep clean as well, but is very visible and safe where children are at play.

Color can be both aesthetic and functional. Your choice depends on your intended use and the mood you’d like to portray in your space. What pool colors strike your fancy?

Guest post by Dr. Stephan J. Smith. Dr. Smith is a wellness expert and Chiropractor in Brighton, Michigan. Along with Dr. Vladimir J. Brajak, he co-owns Advantage Family Chiropractic and is available to speak to your group, organization or company on several popular wellness topics. For more information or to schedule a talk local to Brighton, contact us at 810-288-5823.