Pool Girls at the Lake


photo-71-224x300Last week, Sandi and I were over at Jodi’s, our landscaper extraordinaire, house for some Fourth of July festivities (okay, it was the third, but who’s counting?). She lives on a beautiful lake, and we spent the evening on the deck overlooking the lake and the sunset, enjoying the time to relax. The kids were down by the lake, some of them jumping in while others stood on the dock and watched. Eventually, someone tried to convince us that we should hop in the lake. Sandi’s first response (before even arguing that she didn’t have a swimsuit) was, “No way. Nobody turned the heater on!” We then started wondering what the pH and alkalinity levels were in the lake, and decided there was not enough chlorine in the world to get us in there. I guess that’s what you get when you invite pool girls to the lake!

Ultimately, we much prefer pools to lakes. They’re cleaner and more predictable. There is definitely no seaweed, and no fish to worry about. And, the best part is: you can turn up the heater as high as you want! We’ll gladly accept an invitation to your lake–for dinner, drinks, and maybe even some boating. But if you want to see us in the water, you’re going to have to find a swimming pool, stat!